1200 calories diet plan for weight loss – review and suggestions

1200 calories diet is a restrictive calorie consumption that limits the daily consumption of calories to 1200.

1200 calories diet

The average calorie recommendation per daily consumption is 1600 – 3000 calories, therefore the 1200 calories diet can be inappropriate to certain groups of people.

People who need higher calories consumption on a daily basis include;

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • People who involve themselves in rigorous daily activities

This restrictive diet can cause malnutrition if not taken with caution but it has several benefits too.

The 1200 calories diet is very appropriate for weight loss

The recommended calorie intake for any adult individual is supposed to be between 1600 – 3000 calories per day.

Reducing calorie intake below the average can lead to weight loss. This is because reduced calorie intake will cause the body to have insufficient calories for energy production and thus the body will be deficient of energy.

This deficiency will force the body to start breaking down fats and this will significantly lead to weight loss. A low calories diet is very beneficial for people who are overweight and obese.

A 1200 calories diet has also been seen to have several health benefits according to the study carried out on animals. The study established that animals on a lower calories diet had longer longevity and reduced incidences of diseases like cancer. This study still needs more research on humans to establish if the same applies to people too.


Planning the 1200 calories diet

Planning for a 1200 calories diet can be a bit tricky but thanks to the US Department of Health and Human Services for documenting the appropriate menu recommendation for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for this diet.

When planning your 1200 calories diet try checking on what time you really feel hungry on a daily basis so as to consume your calories in a better spread way and not congesting all of them at once.

Also, you need to pick high nutrient foods. Foods rich in proteins are very perfect to avoid getting malnourished as the calorie consumption declines.

There is a simple meal plan that you can follow here and recipes will be available soon.

Meal plan for 1200 calories diet.

The US Department of Health and Human Services suggests a diet plan that’s almost similar to the one we are suggesting below.

The meal plan for 1200 calories diet is;


1 cup of milk – it will give you a boost of 102 calories in your diet

1 hard-boiled egg – you will have only 77 calories by consuming it

1 banana – it will add 105 calories to your breakfast plan for 1200 calories diet,

2 slices of bread – get 74 calories more from consuming this

1 corn tortilla – this one contains 52 calories

TOTAL CALORIES BREAKFAST:  410 calories for breakfast


1 cup of water – 0 calories

4 slices of bread – they contain 150 calories

1 leaf of lettuce – it will add 1 calorie only

2 tablespoonfuls of powdered peanut butter – 45 calories will be added to your lunch meal

Apple (1 medium) – you will get 95 calories from it

6 almonds – 47 calories will be added to your 1200 calories lunch meal

¼ cup black bean soup – it will add 28 calories to your diet

¼ cup unsweetened Greek yogurt – it will provide you with 70 calories

TOTAL CALORIES LUNCH: 436 calories only


Dinner Plan for 1200 calories diet

½ cup brown rice – you will have 108 calories after consuming this

1 cup steamed vegetables – you will add only 27 calories by consuming this

½ cup low fat cottage cheese – only 82 calories are contained by here

1 oz salmon – contains approximately 57 calories

½ cup miso soup – get 28 calories by adding this to your diet

2 cups of water – 0 calories available here so no effect on calories consumed

½ cup Green beans seasoned with margarine – it contains 52 calories

½ cup baked potato – you will get 68 calories by eating this



This is just our own suggestion of the 1200 calories diet. All the data on foods you can include in your diet is here

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