Signs of a miscarriage

  • 01

    Severe Back pain

    In most cases severe back pain that is unbearable is experienced.

  • 02

    Decrease in pregnancy signs

    Pregnancy signs such as nausea and vomiting suddenly disappear

  • 03

    Painful contractions

    The abdominal and pelvic muscles will contract at an interval of approximately 5 – 20 minutes and the contractions are too painful and unbearable

  • 04

    White-pink vaginal discharge

    A white-pink vaginal discharge that can be blood tinged is usually witnessed before the miscarriage takes place.

  • 05


    Cramping that is a sign of miscarriage is usually very intense and painful than usual

  • 06

    Abdominal pain

    Sudden, intense abdominal pain can be a warning sign of a miscarrriage

  • 07

    Blood spots

    Blood spots or clots can be witnessed and it is a very common sign of a miscarriage

  • 08

    Weight loss

    Pregnant women are usually expected to gain weight. Any sudden weight loss when in pregnancy should be something to worry about as it can be a sign of a miscarriage

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