8 common causes of nose bleeding

Nose bleeding causes (epistaxis causes)

nose bleeding causes


Nose bleeding is very common in patients with hypertension or high blood pressure.  According to the American Heart Association, they state that high blood pressure can cause nose bleeding due to the long-standing of hypertension force which causes vascular fragility of blood vessels in the nose. They also state that the sudden, rapid increase in blood pressure is the one that can cause nose bleeding as it can be accompanied by anxiety and headache.

Blood clotting disorder

Having low counts of blood platelets can also be one of the causes of nose bleeding. Platelets aid in blood clotting and thus having a low count can cause frequent nose bleeds even from minor nasal bruises.

Excessive alcohol use

Excess alcohol consumption can be one of the nose bleeding causes. Excessive alcohol use or abusing of other drugs reduce the ability of blood to clot.

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Liver disease

The infection of the liver can cause nose bleeds. This is because once the liver is infected, it is unable to manufacture enough platelets for blood clotting and thus making the blood not to clot as expected.

Nasal tumors

The presence of tumors in the nasal cavity can be one of the causes of nose bleeding. The tumors are made up of fibrous tissue and blood vessels. The blood vessels can just bleed upon slight disturbance such as blowing the nose when blocked by tumors.

Use of blood-thinning medications

Taking of blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, clopidogrel, and warfarin reduces the ability of blood to clot, thus causing bleeding to prolong and make it heavier than expected. This can be one of the nose bleeding causes as it interferes with the blood clotting ability.


Nose picking, also known as digital trauma is also one of the common causes of nose bleeding especially in children. Picking of the nose can cause bruises in the nasal membrane and eventual bleeding.

Drying of nasal membranes

Drying of nasal membranes is also one of the most common nose bleeding causes. The nasal membranes dry due to the dry air which can be caused by hot,low-humid climates or heated indoor air. When the delicate tissue inside the nose dries up, it cracks, becomes crusty and eventually bleeds when rubbed or when blowing the nose.

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Can nosebleeds be a sign of something serious?

Most nose bleeding incidences do not signal any dangerous underlying problem, but frequent nose bleeding that takes longer than usual to stp can indicate the possibility of having a blood clotting disorder or high blood pressure and it can also lead to anemia if ot checked.

When should I be concerned about a nosebleed?

Actually, any nose bleeding that takes too long to clot should be something you should worry about and its advisable to see the doctor immediately.

Can iron deficiency cause nose bleeds?

Having a low count of blood platelets can cause nosebleeds. Nevertheless, blood clotting disorders can also cause nose bleeding. both blood clotting disorders and low counts of blood platelets can be caused by iron deficiency.

Can Crying make your nose bleed?

Crying is emotional and the emotions associated with it increase blood flow towards the face and thus it can increase the likelihood of having a nosebleed. This is common in children.

Can low blood pressure cause nosebleeds?

Low blood pressure cannot cause nose bleeding and even if it happens, the bleeding cannot be severe like when you have high blood pressure.

Can hormones cause nosebleeds?

Though this is very rare, but during menstruation, the fluctuation of estrogen levels in the body can cause the nostrils or nasal blood vessels to fill up with blood and this can cause nose bleeding i slightly disturbed through blowing of your nose or picking

Does hot weather cause nosebleeds?

Yes, hot weather is actually one of the nose bleeding causes and this is because of the dry air. Dry air causes drying of the nasal membrane and it can crack and then bleed.

What are leukemia nosebleeds like?

A person with leukemia who gets a nose bleed can be in a very terrible situation. The nosebleed is usually very severe, frequent and bleeds excessively. If you are a victim of this just visit your doctor immediately for medication

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