9 Symptoms of cervical cancer

Symptoms of Cervical cancer

Symptoms of cervical cancer are many but in most cases, during the early stages of the infection, no symptoms can be witnessed. Most women also can fail to show any signs until the disease is in advanced stages.

symptoms of cervical cancer

Just be on the lookout for any of the following signs and symptoms.

Abnormal menstrual bleeding

Abnormal menstrual bleeding that is usually longer and heavier than usual can be a sign of cervical cancer. Though this is not always the case in most women as abnormal menstrual bleeding can be caused by several other factors.

A sudden change of period bleeding from normal should not be taken lightly and as such you must try contacting your doctor or gynecologist as soon as possible for diagnosis.

You can read more about menstruation and what causes abnormal menstruation and how to treat it here.

Blood spots

Blood spots or light bleeding between periods can be one of the symptoms you have cancer.

Cervical cancer causes infection in the female reproductive system and always forms tumors which can bleed at any time. Some women can even mistake this bleeding and assume it’s a period.

Always take caution and be on the lookout for this. In case you suddenly experience bleeding in between your periods, try getting in touch with your gynecologist for a medical test to rule out any possibility of cervical cancer infection.

Unusual vaginal discharge

This is a common symptom of cervical cancer infection. A woman can experience increased vaginal discharge that is pale, watery, pink, bloody, brown, or foul-smelling and it seems not to end. This can usually start as a mild thing but later become severe.

Whenever a woman experiences any sudden change in her vaginal discharge, she must try visiting her gynecologist for diagnosis and so as to start treatment earlier in case the diagnosis is positive on cancer infection.

Bleeding after intercourse

Bleeding after sex is also a common symptom of cervical cancer. This is a simple sign that there are tumors in the vagina. The friction during sexual intercourse causes bruising and thus bleeding after.

Persistent pelvic pain

Persistent pelvic pain or back pain can also be a sign of cervical cancer. The pain is usually felt below the navel and it can be constant or intermittent.

Mostly, the pain is dull ache with sharp pains and it becomes worse during or after intercourse. The persistent pelvic pain usually occurs late after some other symptoms have manifested.

Bleeding after menopause

Bleeding is also one of the most common symptoms of cervical cancer. Women who have already reached menopause will witness blood flow that seems like menstrual flow.

This sudden appearance of blood in menopause is a red flag for the existence of cervical cancer and thus appropriate action should be taken immediately.

The blood is usually from the tumors that have formed in the cervical area and it is among the very first symptoms that depict cervical cancer.

Pain during sexual intercourse

Painful sex can be caused by several infections including UTI but cancer is also one of the main causes of this.

Consistent pain during sexual intercourse should be a thing to worry about especially if after sex blood spots are also witnessed.

The pain is usually caused by friction during sex which causes bruising on the tumors. This can be extreme and the person can decide to avoid sex fully. If this happens, try visiting your doctor as soon as possible.

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Weight loss

Many women experience unexplained weight loss after cancer infection. The weight loss cannot be explained as to why it happens as the person eats a well-balanced diet but she just continues to lose weight.

Though weight loss can be caused by several other factors, you need to take immediate caution if it is with the other symptoms of cervical cancer.

Loss of appetite

Advanced stages of cervical cancer can lead to appetite loss. The person becomes weaker and continues to lose weight.

If no diagnosis has been carried at this stage and treatment has not commenced, the disease becomes a serious danger to life.


The most common symptoms of cervical cancer are those that involve abnormal vaginal bleeding. Those are usually the first signs any woman can witness.

If you witness any of the above signs visit your doctor immediately for diagnosis. If the test is positive, commence treatment immediately and never wait.

Early treatment can help in managing the infection and reduce further risks.

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