Common symptoms of flu

Symptoms of flu are usually not well understood by many people and thus ignored which later becomes a danger to life.

symptoms of flu

Flu, also known as influenza is currently becoming a worldwide disease that is claiming lives almost on a daily basis. Recently in Germany, 30 people died and 3500 people were left sick due to this infection. There is a need to know its symptoms so as to get treatment as early as possible immediately you experience them.

Symptoms of flu


Fever or chills are common symptoms during the early stages of flu but not everyone can experience this. A person can experience fever with chills or in some cases chills alone. At this stage, the virus is attacking the body and the immune system is trying to fight back thus causing fever. The victim can experience a body temperature rise of 38 degrees Celsius or even higher especially in young children who can even experience a fever as high as 41.1 degrees celsius. This can last for several days (around 7 – 10 days) depending on an individual.


A cough, especially persistent coughs are also early symptoms of flu infection. The victim might experience a cough with a wheezing sound and experience chest tightness. They can also cough up phlegm or mucus. This cough is mostly dry and it can turn out to be severe shortly. This can go on for several days depending on how the treatment is administered and responded to.

Sore throat

Having a sore throat can also be a sign that you have flu. It’s a common symptom of flu in most individuals and it can last longer than other symptoms after treatment has been administered. A sore throat can be very boring. A flu sore throat is usually accompanied by many other symptoms of flu. To reduce the effects of a sore throat you can avoid smoke and talk less but remember to see your doctor immediately to avoid any severe effects later.

Runny nose

Runny or stuffy nose always precedes sore throat. This is usually caused by the irritation or inflammation of the nasal tissues. To reduce the effect of a runny nose you can try using a gentle nasal spray which will help in soothing the nasal membrane due to its saline solution

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Body ache

Body aches or muscle aches are also very common flu symptoms. This will be experienced in any body part including legs, back, head, and hands. According to some studies, they state that body ache is usually caused due to the inflammation caused by white blood cells as they fight off the infection. This symptom can last 7 – 12 days depending on an individual. When experiencing this you can try to have a massage and stay hydrated but always remember to go to your doctor for an appropriate medical prescription.


Flu headache is always severe and generalized and can affect your concentration and focus. Researchers have stated that the headache can be caused by inflammation that arises due to fighting off infection by “cytokines” or due to the inflammation and swelling of the nasal sinus cavity to accommodate increased mucus caused by the flu.


Having sudden, excessive fatigue can be an early sign of flu infection. The victim can experience severe muscle weakness and this can interfere with daily activities. A person just wants to sleep all day long and rest. Doctors recommend doing a few, minimum exercises when you are having flu in order to reduce fatigue.

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite can also be a symptom of flu in some individuals especially if the person has the other symptoms too. A person might have the need to eat something but when given they just taste and abandon it. This will go on for either a day or few days as long as the appropriate medication is administered and the immune system responds appropriately.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of flu especially in children and some grown-ups. This can be witnessed either after eating or the person can cough until they vomit. It can go from being mild to severe and can last either a day or even ten days depending on the person’s immunity and treatment administered. If you experience nausea and vomiting or nausea along with other symptoms of flu, try contacting your doctor for appropriate medication immediately.


Diarrhea is a very rare symptom of flu but it can mostly be witnessed in children but rarely in grown-ups. About 10% of children can experience this when having flu.

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Flu can become life-threatening if no appropriate treatment procedures are administered. Always visit your doctor if you or any of your family members experience the above signs to avoid late treatment and complications.

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