Vaginal dryness – causes and getting rid of it

Vaginal dryness is a condition in which the vagina is unable or produces insufficient lubricant due to reduced or lack of estrogen.

Vaginal dryness - causes, treatment
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This condition can affect any woman and it should be a worrying condition as it can clear of on itself after a short time.


The main factor in the causes of vaginal dryness is the reduction in estrogen levels.

Other causes of vaginal dryness can include;

  • Breastfeeding and childbirth
  • Smoking causes vaginal dryness if not controlled
  • Not having foreplay before sex
  • Use of some lotions
  • Use of antidepressants can also be among the common causes
  • Endometriosis treatment using anti-estrogen medications
  • Involving yourself in rigorous exercises
  • Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Hysterectomy
  • Douching
  • Having immune system disorders such as Sjogren syndrome
  • Depression
  • Having excess stress


Vaginal dryness can be a very boring experience. Its effects can include;

  • Pain during sex
  • Discomfort


The following are the treatment that can be undertaken to get rid of vaginal dryness;

  • Use of topical estrogen – this is artificial estrogen used to increase estrogen levels, though, it is not very effective like natural estrogen
  • Use of water-based vaginal lubricants such as Astroglide and lubricin.
  • Including soybeans and soy products in your diet can help get rid of vaginal dryness
  • Use of moisturizers such as Replens which can help in keeping the vagina moist
  • Increase foreplay before going into the actual act of sexual intercourse
  • Increase water intake.
  • Include watermelons on a daily basis in your diet
  • Try to avoid douches

N/B: Never use vaseline. Vaseline can lead to bacterial infection and thus worsen the situation.


There are several foods that can act as natural vaginal lubricants and help in reducing the incidences of dryness.

Foods that can act as natural vaginal lubricants are;

  • Avocados – This is a very good fruit that can help reduce vaginal dryness occurrences. It contains vitamin E which helps in keeping the whole body hydrated and elastic.
  • Okra – consuming this fruit has been linked to the reduction of this vaginal problem for a long time. If you have the potential, try visiting your grocery and market to get this fruit and enjoy it. You will witness reduced incidences of this vaginal disorder
  • Consume soy products such as tofu. These products contain fats which help in lubricating the body.
  • Consume nuts in plenty because they contain plenty of fats and vitamin E. These two components can help in reducing this problem greatly.
  • Include oysters in your diet – Oysters have also been seen to be able to help in getting rid of of this disorder.
  • Spinach and other leafy vegetables contain vitamin E which can help in keeping the body hydrated thus reducing vaginal dryness by a greater percentage.
  • Consume flaxseeds in plenty – Flaxseeds are usually recommended for women who are in menopause. It helps in boosting estrogen levels in the body and thus helps in reducing this problem.
  • Olive oil – olive oil contains fats that can help in keeping the body hydrated and thus reduce vaginal dryness. Women who experience this disorder frequently can include this in their diet to help in getting rid of the disorder.
  • Include watermelon, pineapple, and grapefruits to your diet. These fruits contain high amounts of water, probably 90% of the whole fruit is watery. This keeps the body hydrated and thus get rid of vaginal dryness.

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